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9Caviar Company is one of the best-known companies in the field of Iranian Baerii Caviar production & export, and plays a key role in this regard.

In this page, we’ll discuss the below-mentioned subjects:


  • Iranian Baerii Caviar properties and its production procedure.


  • Royal Baerii Caviar processing stages.



Baerii Caviar Properties and its Production Procedure


The properties of Siberian sturgeon and its Caviar: The Siberian sturgeon with the scientific name “Acipenser Baerii” is a species of sturgeon in the family “Acipenseridae” and grows in fresh water.

Due to the geographical position of Iran and the presence of fresh water in its various regions, farming this type of fish is so popular in the country. Thus, a very large amount of this type of sturgeon is bred and farmed in Iran.

Breeding this sturgeon is easier compared to than other types of sturgeon and grows faster. Also, it is worth mentioning that Siberian sturgeon is less prone to problems such as diseases, compared to other sturgeons.

The most significant difference between this type and other sturgeons bred in Iran is that Siberian sturgeon can spawn every year.




The maturity period of female Siberian sturgeons in the breeding site is completed at the age of 5 to 6 years. At this time, the weight of the sturgeons reaches 8 kg to 12 kg, their body length reaches 80 cm to 120 cm and their spawning rate is 12% to 17% of their body weight.

Because of the excellent characteristics of Siberian sturgeon including fast growth and spawning within 5 years, the production volume of Baerii Caviar is higher than other types of Caviar like Beluga in Iran.

Iranian Baerii Caviar is one of the popular and favored types of Caviar in the world and its color is dark brown or dark gray.

The size of Iranian Caviar is 2.2 mm to 3.0 mm, which is smaller than Beluga Caviar.




9Caviar Company (SWK) is one of the leading and pioneer companies in the field of Royal Baerii Caviar production and owns 2 sturgeon breeding farms in North of Iran. This company produces 500 to 700 kg of export Caviar every year and exports to many different countries.



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Baerii Caviar Processing Stages

When the growth period of sturgeons is complete, they are ready for processing. 9Caviar Company conducts the Caviar processing in cooperation with Mirood Processing Center. Mirood Processing Center is one of the best processing centers in Iran and has got all the international standards and certificates, such as European Union (EU), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and HACCP.

The method of Caviar processing has a great impact on quality of Caviar for export. One of the important factors that have caused the Iranian Caviar to be very genuine and popular all over the world is the difference between Caviar processing methods in Iran and in other countries. In the following, we will explain more about this point.




Iranian Method of Caviar Processing


1)When the sturgeon is taken to the processing site, a small cut is made at the end of the sturgeon’s belly and the Caviar Gonad is extracted from its stomach.


 2)The Caviars and Gonads are put into bowls containing cold water.


3)The Caviar processing expert puts the Gonads and Caviars on a special sieve mesh and separates Caviars from the Gonads.


4)After repeated and sufficient sieving, the caviars are fully examined and cleansed.


5)Then the Caviar processing expert adds salt, given the weight and specified formula of Caviar.


6)After the Caviar production and adding salt, the Baerii Caviar is categorized in terms of its color, consistency and size. Then it is put in the Original Tin and taken into the cold storage with the temperature -4. After the quarantine period, the Caviar can be supplied and sold.



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  • Using the latest processing methods for Iranian Caviar processing, 9Caviar Company has become one of the leading and most effective companies in production and export of genuine high-quality Caviar throughout the world.


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