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Purchase & Payment Terms of 9Caviar Company


On this page, we will provide you with the complete information about the order registration steps and payment terms of 9Caviar Company. Also, you will be informed about the guarantee of our products offered to the honorable customers.


 Order Registration Steps:


1) Sending the Purchase Order to the email or WhatsApp of our company by the buyer.


2)Confirmation of the buyer’s Purchase Order and sending the Invoice for the buyer by our company.


3)Advance payment (30% of the total amount) by the buyer to the bank account introduced by our company.


4)Obtaining the CITES for Caviar export by our company, in the name of the buyer’s company, within 4 to 6 working days.


5)Processing the Caviar and sending photos and videos to the buyer within 3 to 7 working days.


6)Obtaining health and export certificates and sending copies of documents to the customer within 7 to 12 working days. (If you like to see examples of our exported caviars along with their documents, you can refer to the “Archive” page.


7)Carrying out export packaging for Caviar and sending the cargo to the airport within 1 to 3 working days.



All the above steps are done after receiving the advance payment and within 20 working days. (The Caviars that belong to Selected caviar quality category have a longer process in terms of time and may take more than 20 days.)

* if you want to know more information about selected quality and other qualities of 9caviar products. you can check outquality & categorypage.


Payment Steps:

1)30% of the total amount is received from the buyer as an advance payment after the order registration.


2)The remaining 70% of the total amount will be received 48 hours before the flight upon presentation of copies of all export documents.

*(if you like to see some examples of export documents for caviar. you can check out archive page)



The respected buyers can pay the specified amount through Tether, money transfer to the 9Caviar Company’s foreign account or in cash.

The Guarantee of our Products


In order to ensure the quality of our products and respect the rights of honorable buyers, we give a guarantee on the product you buy.

After purchasing the product and receiving it, the buyer has Ten days to make a claim about its quality and quantity or return it.


Article 1.

If the quantity of the goods sent does not match the quantity you ordered, the shortfall will be compensated by paying the difference or sending the remaining amount of caviar.


Article 2.

If the quality of the caviar is not according to the quality of your order, for example, you ordered A+ quality and the quality of the received caviar is B

we can compensate it in one of these three ways:

1) We can replace the product with the product and quality you desire.

2) We will pay you the price difference between these two qualities.

3) We will take back all the goods and return all your money.



We hope to make a favorable purchase for you in accordance with your opinion and standards.


if you`re going to register a caviar order or in case you have any question about the “purchase & payment” you can get in touch with us through the contact information below:




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